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Workers' Compensation

What are Workers' Compensation benefits?

Workers' compensation benefits are payments for injuries or diseases that are related to work you were doing. Workers compensation is paid by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board . It used to be called the Workers' Compensation Board (WSIB). Your injury can be physical or psychological. If you think your injury or disease might be connected to your work, you should file a claim with the Board right away and they will investigate.

Call the legal Clinic if you:

  • Have been injured at work and are not receiving any compensation
  • Have been told to return to work and your doctor says you are not healed yet
  • Have requested that the employer provide you with modified work and that hasn't happened
  • Have been offered a retraining program or labour market reentry plan that you disagree with

Important points to remember:

  • Always report any injury to your employer as soon as possible;
  • Get medical help right away;
  • File a report with the Board.