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An important note about Accessibility issues and the printing of our (HTML) web pages:

This site has been designed to conform to the maximum extent possible with web accessibility guidelines established by W3C Web Accessibility Initiative and is informed by the work of WebAIM (a non-profit organization supporting web accessibility).

The web site is accessible for those using screen readers and other 'assistive' technologies.

Alternate Navigation system is provided by the site map at the bottom of each page.

For those who wish a larger or smaller font to display in their viewport, you may wish to select an appropriate text size from the links that control text size displayed at the top of each page. Alternatively, you can adjust your browser's "view" settings. Wherever possible, select zoom settings that target font only.

This website employs a "text only" print style sheet.

The size of font which the page is printed in is determined by the visitors browser in conjunction with your printer.

Most browsers allow users to set font size (small, medium, large, etc.) or in percentage terms. Through this process you can adjust the default settings of the print style sheet, thereby adjusting font size. This can best be accomplished by adjusting settings in the print options menu (specifically through "page setup"). In cases where significant magnification is required the page setup may require re-configuration of settings from "portrait" to "landscape" orientation.

Unfortunately such procedures are specific to each browser and you may need to consult your browsers help menu.

We hope you find this useful.